Tethered hot air balloon

Hot air balloon in your party will be an exceptionally nice entertainment. Your guest will have a chance to have a closer look at the balloon, take part in its launch and if the wind is calm – to lift up to 20 – 30 meters height.

This service is especially attractive if you have many guests and want to occupy them. Hot air balloon is an excellent object of attraction and balloon team – the best guide. About 30 to 70 people will be able to enjoy the balloon in one hour, depending on its size.

We are sure that the balloon society will give an unforgettable experience to all your guests.

The price of the service is valid for a radius of up to 100 kilometers from Vilnius, otherwise the price increases by 50-100 euros, depending on the size of the balloon and the location of the event. The price includes the balloon, pilot and team work, insurance, arrival at the venue. When booking for more than 1 hour – discounts apply.

For more information and price please contact us by ph. +370 652 00510 or e-mail info@ballooning.lt .
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