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  VšĮ Oreivystės centras /

Oreivystes centras / Ballooning.LT in Lithuania is probably the largest organization of hot air baloon flights in the Baltic States. Ever since it was established in 1997, the center has organized more than 10 balloon events, including the 1997 and 2018 Lithuanian Hot Air Balloon Championships and the European Hot Air Balloon Championship in 2003. The center has also prepared about 100 new balloon pilots, implemented several non-traditional project, flew over 30 thousand passengers from Lithuania and abroad.


Oreivystes centras / Ballooning.LT pilots have flown in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia. Ballooning.LT are also flying passengers in France since 2011.

Oreivystės centras / Ballooning.LT is an official member of the Lithuanian Aircraft Federation, which belongs to the Lithuanian Aeroclub.

Oreivystes centras / Ballooning.LT unites about 15 pilots and 50 team members.

Oreivystes centras / Ballooning.LT is an exclusive member of the Czech balloon manufacturer „Kubiček Balloons“ .

Oreivystės centras / Ballooning.LT pays special attention to flight safety.

Oreivystes centras/ Ballooning.LT carries out its commercial activities; e.g. flies its passengers in strict compliance with European Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/395.

In accordance with this regulation, Oreivystes centras / has declared its activities to the Transport Competence Agency of the Republic of Lithuania, which performs the civil aviation supervision.

All pilots of Oreivystes centras / Ballooning.LT have valid licenses, required qualifications and health certificates.

All Oreivystes centras / Ballooning.LT balloons, at least once a year are regularly inspected by a certified maintenance organization, as required by European Union requirements.

All passengers flying with Oreivystes centras / Ballooning.LT are covered by compulsory Aircraft Liability and Passenger Insurance.