This year we are celebrating the 25th birthday of the Ballooning.LT. WE INVITE YOU TO USE THE SEASON PROMOTION - TO FLY IN VILNIUS OR TRAKAI.

Advert on Balloon

If you are looking for new and non-traditional forms of advertising raise your eyes to the sky and you will see an immense space for advertising. Then remember: your advertisement can be here…

Ballooning Centre can organize you an exceptional advertising – advertising in the sky.

Air balloon is a huge flying advertising area, well seen from everywhere, gladly accepted by the public and any target audience. The height of a classical air balloon is about 20 m., diameter – 18 m. and advertising area amounts to several hundred square meters. Air balloon is one of the few means of transport that can fly over big cities or people gathering places. It is impossible not to notice the balloon.

Air balloon is very mobile: it can easily be taken from one place to anther.

Air balloon can fly or stand still*. Classical form air balloons are convenient for practical purposes – depending on its size, a balloon can be used for sports or flying passengers.

The sky has no limits, let us fly together! Ballooning Centre can offer you a balloon, design of which would correspond to the style of your company, logo, characteristic colours and motives. You just need to decide.

Classical form air balloon would be made in 3 – 4 months and would cost about 20 – 60 thousand Eur plus VAT. Exploitation price of a classical air balloon is about 300 EUR. plus VAT/hour.

Advertising in the sky – no competitors on the ground!