A parachute jump from hot air balloon

Are you a professional parachutist? You have tried jumps from different aircraft, haven‘t you? Have you ever tried a parachute jump from a hot air balloon, where are no aerodynamic forces?

The flight is recommended to professional parachutists.

Conditions: all in the balloon basket must have parachute licenses and parachutes. Parachutists may jump just after the command of the pilot – instructor. Place of the jump – Vilnius surroundings. The time for the flight and jump is set in advance but may be postponed because of meteo conditions. The flight takes place only if 2-4 people are gathered.

If you will be parachuting from a hot air balloon for the first time, you will be baptized according to the old traditions of pilots, you will be given honorary titles and baptismal names, certificates of the first flight will be awarded.

For jump conditions and prices, please contact tel. +370 652 00510 or by e-mail info@ballooning.lt .